Your Guide to Backpacking Africa

No Hanging Around is the only guide you will ever need for Backpacking Africa.

Derek Cullen is an Irish Travel Blogger and the author of No Hanging Around. He is best known for taking long distance adventures such as cycling across Africa and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. However, Derek is obsessed with travel of any kind and has spent more than five years backpacking Africa.

More recently, Derek was nominated for “People of the Year” award by Outsider Magazine and “Best Vlog” at the Irish Blog Awards. Derek has also appeared on several media publications to talk about his adventures including Africa Geographic, Today FM Radio, the Today Show on RTÉ and the Irish Times.

More About the Author

Some years ago, Derek Cullen spent one year riding a bicycle through Africa, a journey of 8,000 miles through 11 countries. Following this adventure, he became obsessed with travel and the uncertainty of living such a spontaneous life. Later, Derek began backpacking Africa on a budget and was successful in his application to become a tour guide for a local tour operator. These overland tours were popular for 18-30 year olds backpacking Africa and travelled through fourteen different countries on the continent. Through this experience, Derek became an expert on backpacking Africa and almost every aspect of overland travel in general.

More recently, Derek trekked 2,652 miles from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. Derek is also passionate about storytelling, videography and he works as a freelance content writer to fund his travels.

About Backpacking Africa

Derek has also spent more than two years backpacking Africa on a budget. While he strongly believes that Africa is a very safe place to travel, he advises caution in major cities. However, Derek also believes that backpacking Africa is the most enriching travel experience on the planet and cites Kenya as his favourite travel destination.

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