Hiking the Wicklow Way

Choosing the best Sleeping Bag for Hiking the Wicklow Way (or Any Way)

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Honestly, I cannot recommend the North Face Blue Kazoo enough and this beauty has been with me for more than one month hiking the Wicklow Way and camping in Ireland.

Best Sleeping Bag for the Wicklow Way

Having spent so many evenings researching online regarding the best sleeping bag for the Wicklow Way, I was starting to find it frustrating that many of the best options were unavailable.

That being said, during this time I was also preparing to hike the Pacific Crest Trail so I ended up looking at options which were based in the US and the reason they were unavailable was mostly due to international shipping restrictions.

Anyway, I am delighted this happened as my initial choice was the Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt but I now know this would have been a terrible option. Why? Because I have no hair on my head, this quilt has no hood and simply put, people choose it for reasons of weight rather than practicality.

North Face Blue Kazoo

Which brings me to my first reason for choosing this as the best sleeping bag for the Wicklow Way…or ANY way!

Practicality and comfort

It must be said, that my favorite thing about this sleeping bag is the general fit and amazing hood which fits snugly around the head. In all honesty, I totally underestimated the important of a hood until now as not only does this act as a cushioned pillow but it also closes perfectly to leave only the face exploded on particularly cold nights.

Pack size and compressibility

Many reviews comment that the bag is not easily compressed but I completely disagree with this point. The compressibility is one reason I decided on the bag and while the weight is a little more than other ultralight options, it is honestly not worth thinking about in my opinion.

Light and relatively small, I find the size of this 650 down fill bag ideal for backpacking light while still ensuring you have a good chance of staying warm on the colder nights.

Space and Comfort

I have a particular dislike for sleeping bags which feel like straight jackets and prefer even just a little room to maneuver – the North Face Blue Kazoo has this down to a tee.

In fact, while this extra bit of space is known to reduce the warmth every so slightly, this sleeping bag is comfortable around the early mid twenties (20 degrees Fahrenheit). Yes, I do realize the bag is advertised as 15 degrees but truthfully, it is closer to the above.

How did I test it?

I tested this sleeping bag while hiking the Wicklow Way in October but I also used it while sleeping on the Cliffs of Moher in that same month. The weather was poor at this time and not once did I ever feel the cold.


As long as you have a decent mattress and some thermal under garments just in case, the North Face blue Kazoo is my absolute favorite pick for ultralight backpacking. I spent many months searching for the right one and had concerns even after buying this one that it may not keep me warm enough.

However, even as a “cold sleeper” it has still managed to keep me warm every night thus far but most importantly, it also keeps my head warm 😉

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