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You can make it complicated, or you can just do it

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“Only a few inches wide in places, this foot highway connects each small community or tribe with the next and has been used as a trading route for thousands of years.”

I may have failed the last time I tried (camping through winter in Ireland) but I’m still convinced that starting an online business and running my solo travel blog from a tent is possible and an ideal way to keep expenses down. Truth is though, I’ve grown tired of the beaten path, the backpacker trail and all the noise – SE Asia is an amazing place to travel and I really have enjoyed the past 4 months, but traditional backpacking is not really what interest me anymore.

I was supposed to buy a laptop this week so it was difficult to spend my entire earnings on a flight but I’m a big believer in taking risks and as I remembered on a recent bike trip here in Vietnam, you can make it complicated or you can just do it. You can find reasons to stay somewhere and keep doing something that is not making you entirely happy or you can trust your gut feeling, get out there and do whatever it is that will.

I have long read about an ancient foot trail in a enchanting part of the world, inhabited by unspoiled traditions, wildlife and chief elders who can still recall the last explorers. For too long I have been away from the wild and you can probably tell by the alarming amount of hair on my face, I knew this moment was coming – It’s time to go back again.


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I'm an Outdoor Adventure Blogger from Dublin, Ireland. In late 2013 I began riding a bicycle across Africa and it was during this adventure when I discovered a passion for the great outdoors and the general uncertainty of life on the road. Next April, I am hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

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