Cycle Across Africa

Cycle Across Africa Oct 13′ – Nov 14′

Believe it or not, this solo travel blog began with a year long cycle across Africa from Cape Town to Cairo by bicycle.

You see, in late 2013 after the loss of both parents and a realization that my life was out of control, I began riding a bicycle solo across Africa. It was this simple decision to cycle Africa which would help me to deal with some long standing personal issues while also unearthing a passion for the outdoors, travel writing and the general unexpected nature of life.

The Route

The Africa bicycle tour began in Cape Town, South Africa where I mostly tried to come to terms with loneliness and a huge presence of fear but it would gradually subside as I travelled through another 11 African countries including:

Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe (briefly), Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan & Egypt.

The trip finished with cycling home to Ireland via France, England and Wales.

The challenges

There were many challenges along the way but my biggest fear when it came to cycling Africa was sleeping alone in the tent (wild animals) and then some of the barren stretches which were known for “bandits” or warring tribes such as Northern Kenya.

The change

Cycling across Africa altered my life entirely and my whole perception of the world. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and the solo travel blog was actually to be my very first steps into the life of a travel writer.

Eventually the experience would see me follow pursue what I wanted to do in life, but if you would like to hear how everything came about from the very beginning, then it’s probably a better idea to start here, and understand what was a distinct lack of confidence and uncertainty which dominated the beginning of my journey to where I am now.

Blogposts in order

Just in case you find it hard to decipher which blog post you should read next, I have listed the posts in order beginning in Cape Town and ending in Cairo as follows:

#1 Leaving Cape Town (South Africa)

#2 Western Cape to the Edge of the Namibian Desert

#3 Enter Botswana and a sad fairytale

#4 Weird and wonderful tales in the Kalahari

#5 Close encounter with a bull elephant

#6 What do you really want to do in life?

#7 Why we should fear the people of Africa

#8 How to love with memories and look forward

#9 Confession of an Introvert

#10 We share the same journey from different places

#11 Difference in believing

#12 Cycling Ethiopia when everything is wrong

#13 The true meaning of a journey

The benefit

Cycle across Africa raised Euro 7,500 for Ireland’s child cancer charity:

 Aoibheanns Pink Tie.