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See that bald ginger head above? That would be mine. I’m Derek and I am an Irish Adventurer and Travel Blogger from Ireland, travelling the world and working online. In a nutshell, I began this journey with an Africa bicycle tour in late 2013 and since then, I have taken many smaller adventures as I continue to create a small digital marketing agency to finance them.

Travel Blogger from Ireland – More about my story

In late 2013 I quit my job, travelled to Cape Town and began cycling Africa. It was drastic action to take, of course, especially considering I had no cycling experience, but I was entirely disillusioned with life and having also lost both parents, I was living amidst a very depressing reality. 

However, during this Africa bicycle tour, I would discover many things, not the least of which was an interest in writing about outdoor adventures. Except when I finished the Africa bicycle tour it was also incredibly difficult adapting back to my old lifestyle and the routine it brought. In the end, I decided there had to be a way of turning my newfound passion into something I did for a living and the only way I knew to go about this, was by taking back to the road and offering my services as a writer to small businesses.

I now operate the above-mentioned marketing agency as a lead content writer and in time, this has allowed me to fund smaller journeys into the outdoors, with a view to taking another epic long distance adventure when the time is right. Thankfully, I have recently taken steps to return to these outdoor adventures on a permanent basis, which will start when I begin hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018. 

Current location – Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

October – April 2018  – Southeast Asia

May – October 2018 – Africa

Derek Cullen

Derek Cullen, Outdoor Blogger from Ireland

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