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Why you need to visit Alpha Burger Arusha

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Right, I’m not one for blowing on about places to see and things to do in Arusha but it really is so hard to find any of these places on limited time that I thought it was worth sharing. As a background, I come across these places while staying in Arusha between trips as I work as an Adventure tour leader for an Overland Tour Company in Africa.

Alpha Burger is simply my favourite and the best place to eat in Arusha. It may not be the most healthy (but it can be, the serve fish and salad) but they offer a diner type experience you just won’t find anywhere else in Tanzania or most part of Africa. For the above reason, this restaurant in Arusha is a huge favourite for Overland Tours in Africa as they arrive in town after a long arduous journey and crave just a taste of western civilization such as a comfortable bed or yep, a huge burger. Let me be clear on this too, as with all of my posts to date, this is not a sponsored post – I just love the place.

Here are a few reasons why it is one of the best places to eat in Arusha you need to visit Alpha Burger:

The Burgers are fresh and made to order

You can sit right in front of the chef and watch them fry up the freshly made beef patty or just sit outside and listen as they sizzle on the grill. Alpha Burger Arusha make sure your experience begins the moment you order and you can clearly see how all the produce is completely fresh.

Nobody does toppings better

Not only is the meat succulent and the bread fresh, Alpha Burger spare no expense by displaying a buffet style table with toppings and dressings for each burger. You can choose salsa, guacomole, onions, tomato, cucumber, chilli etc etc….

Seating arrangements

As mentioned above, you can sit in front of the grill to work up an appetite but better still – sit right across on the high stools and watch the world go by as your burger sizzles away behind you. Better yet again, take one of the lounge chairs in reception or the diner like booths on the pavement outside. The seating arrangement is perfect.

Alpha Burger Opening hours

They open in the morning and they don’t close until after 10pm some nights, this is one of the best places to eat in Arusha but it is also accessible at anytime.

Al, The Owner

Born in Kenya, grew up in Canada, now lives in Arusha – I’ve only met Al a few times but he’s a great guy who has put a whole lot of love into making Alpha Burger a success and he always goes out of his way to make newcomers feel welcome.

Right, when I am in Arusha and not down the workshop with the safari trucks – all I do is write and Alpha Burger is a great place to do so. It can be fun or quiet – whatever you choose and it also has free wifi – so if you are wondering where to eat in Arusha? this is certainly my top choice whether it’s for lunch dinner or a late night bite.

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