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Why you need to forget New Years Resolutions

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If I could pin point one of the best New Years Resolutions I have ever made it was in October of last year, two months early, when I quit conventional living for life on the road. You know, there’s nothing wrong with saying tomorrow, I do that. But next week or next month is pretty lame and saying next year is just a big bowl of wrong.

It has been an incredibly challenging year trying to figure out how to become a travel blogger but in my experience, there is no better way than to just start rather than keep talking about it and correct me if I’m wrong, but the more time you spend researching or planning how to do something, the less time you spend actually doing it.

Living in Chiang Mai

Running & Living in Chiang Mai

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”  – Allen Saunders

I went for a run last week. It took absolutely everything, it lasted a measly 2km and it was six weeks in the making. Yes, everyday for the past six weeks I told myself “I’ve got to start exercising” but just could not bring myself to do it – time, hunger, time, energy, time – there was always a good enough excuse.

Then I wrote a post last week about sacrifice and how there is always as way to get something done if you are willing to pay the price. Well, realizing the irony, as soon as I put that blog post online, I put on some trainers and walked down to the moat surrounding the old town here in Chiang Mai. From there, it was all pain and embarrassment for the strange faces I was unable to mask in front of passing tourists and when I finished those 2km, I said to myself “Tomorrow I’ll include sit ups in the work out too” but no sooner had I thought about this and I was lying next to the moat doing ten, twenty, thirty and forty sit ups.

You know what? it felt damn good afterward and even though the next day was just as tough, it was made all the more easier for the fact that I had already started the night before. I go running every day now, doing just a little bit more each time and while it was tough in the beginning, as with everything, it has been a lot easier since.

Post about New Years Resolutions

This silly episode reminded me of making my New Years Resolutions in October of last year rather than waiting for January. I already knew back then that it was really stupid to defer making what was clearly a worthwhile decision, for next week or next month is often too late and when next year comes around, it’s even harder.

And for this reason, I just think it’s a better idea to forget about new years resolutions and focus on now instead. To make it happen and start running while it’s not too late. To get out there, see the world and travel while you still can. To break the cycle, defy routine, change old habits and just stop waiting for the right time to change for the better. But most of all, I just think it’s important to start now and if not, start tomorrow instead.

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