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The Road is also my Home

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Living without possessions has given me a new lease of life as I travel Africa in that there is so much less to think about and as a result, so much more time to allocate my thinking toward what really matters.

As someone who “enjoys” long distance overland adventures with his home, food, clothes or cooking gear strapped to his back, this is also important as it means carrying a much lighter load. Every item has a specific purpose no matter how large or small, except for these two here. I carry them everywhere and always will, despite the fact that they have no practical purpose at all.

Yes, Chicago 23 is too lightweight to serve a purpose in cold weather as I found out on my Africa bicycle tour, my hiking the east coast trail Newfoundland and every other adventure I have worn it but it nevertheless reminds me on a constant basis of where I am going and that this is a long slow journey of small rewards. And then there is this lonely Barry’s tea bag from home, I will never drink this cup of tea, in fact I don’t even drink tea at all but as long as it’s in my pocket, it makes me feel okay referring to the road as my new home, without ever forgetting where I come from.

I am an Irish blogger currently writing about experiences as I travel Africa. My goal here is to continue writing about outdoor adventures in Africa, to find success as a travel writer and also to work as an Africa Overland tour leader. Overland tours Africa are an amazing way to see the continent, most especially for a lone traveller who does not want to go it alone the whole time, yet wants to experience the heart of Africa without the hassles of trying to find out how to get fro one destination to another.

I'm an Outdoor Adventure Blogger from Dublin, Ireland. In late 2013 I began riding a bicycle across Africa and it was during this adventure when I discovered a passion for the great outdoors and the general uncertainty of life on the road. Next April, I am hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

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