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I’m starting a Travel VLOG and Here’s why

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I am starting a Travel VLOG. I’m not sure if the world needs an Irish Travel Vlogger but this is what I intend to focus on for the upcoming year and here’s why;

Irish Travel Vlogger on YouTube

I made a decision last month to be relentless. No matter what it took, I was going to aim high and work harder, longer and better. I started by getting up at 5am and writing everything down that needed to be done each morning.

It was a simple plan and it worked wonders. I could see an immediate improvement in my work ethic and more importantly, I was finding time for the content of my own blog. And it was only then that I remembered how this is hugely important to me – the website and the people who have shown their support for it over the years.

Crepe Street stall in Chiang Mai

Falling out of love with Instagram

But my decision to add a VLOG to this content actually began with my Instagram account, where the “quality” of my feed has declined rapidly over the past month. See, it just felt wrong to be creating so many “beautiful” images that did not reflect the actual reality of what I do. Instead, I stopped thinking about what was being posted and just started to have some fun with it. As a result, my Instagram account now looks very unprofessional but I’m quite happy about that now.

Anyway, it was also around this same time when I started making videos again. It was fun to take time away from writing and I thought to myself:

“This is such a weird and utterly bizarre lifestyle. I wonder what people would think if they saw the actual reality of what I do for a living? I mean who reads books in nightclubs?”

2017 – The year of the Irish Travel Vlogger

So that’s it – 2017 will be the year that shit gets real and I start invading your news feed with my big ugly mug.

If you would like to follow my adventures, you can subscribe to my new YouTube channel here. VLOG #001 is due on January 1st.

Irish Travel Vlogger Derek Cullen

Irish Travel Vlogger, Derek Cullen

I'm an Outdoor Adventure Blogger from Dublin, Ireland. In late 2013 I began riding a bicycle across Africa and it was during this adventure when I discovered a passion for the great outdoors and the general uncertainty of life on the road. Next April, I am hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

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