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Travelling to Chiang Mai | DailyVlog#46

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Today was all about progress. Since travelling to Chiang Mai a few days ago, my productivity has skyrocketed and I can put this down to feeling content. Ho Chi Minh was noisy at best and honestly, very uninteresting from my own perspective. Many people love Saigon and what it has to offer but really, I had little interest in staying there for more than a couple of days.

Travelling to Chiang Mai

I have written about living here and why travelling to Chiang Mai before is so appealing. It has everything; if you want a night out, it’s there. If you seek some quiet, you can do this too. Prices are low, cafe’s are awesome, there is so many cheap places to eat and even some of the best guesthouses in Chiang Mai are super affordable.

Meeting Carlo and Florence

I came into touch with Carlo just over a year ago, he runs a content business with his partner Florence and just seemed like a genuinely interesting guy who I wanted to meet. I was so happy to arrive back in Chiang Mai but meeting these two was a huge bonus. We share a lot of the same thoughts and ideas but most importantly, I think we get on so well for the reason that we honestly just want general success and the best for each other.

The best guesthouse in Chiang Mai

I have now stayed in more than ten different guesthouses in Chiang Mai and my current location, Pathara, is a lot to do with why I feel so content and happy that I decided upon travelling to Chiang Mai. The hotel is similar to an apartment complex but quieter and more laid back. It is relatively cheap and extremely clean – actually I love that they clean the rooms every day without exception which doesn’t happen in most Chiang Mai guesthouses. Strangely, it is not advertised online and I just make this booking on arrival which works well because it is not the high season.

Happy out in Chiang Mai

Anyway, I am more than happy to be back living in Chiang Mai. The past two weeks were difficult in a sense that I got little to no work done but the past few days here have been very productive. Long may it continue.

My general plan is to spend a couple of weeks here in Chiang Mai before heading back toward Bangkok and moving on. That being said, I am in no hurry right now.

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