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What I do for a living as a Travel Blogger

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Being such a common icebreaker, I get asked what I do for a living quite a lot and depending on my mood, there will often be different answer to that question. If I feel like avoiding conversation entirely I might be an accountant or a barman (neither of which anyone seems to question) but if I feel like a conversation, I earn a living from being a travel blogger. Thing is, most people don’t really understand how this works and it just comes across as being little more than travelling from one place to another while writing about them on my solo travel blog.

I’m afraid the reality is much different and a lot less glamorous but without talking about the cycle across Africa, let me explain briefly how I got to this point:

Rewind to Krakow ’15

Let’s go back to October of last year when I wrote a post about quitting my job and becoming a travel writer. Does this suggest I was about to go live in a tent and eat noodles until I figured out how to make money from my solo travel blog? Or does it confess that on the very first day in Krakow, my one and only client cancelled our contract? You see, it was very stressful to jump right in at the deep end but then that was the only way I thought it might happen at all. To the average observer this bold move may have sounded exciting but in reality, I was sitting on a square in Krakow wondering how to make money from a laptop and then how to explain it back home if I failed.

Fast forward to SE Asia ’16

Eventually I did begin to find some clients and start writing travel content for their websites but around this same time, I was also losing interest and motivation in Krakow. I’m not sure why exactly but this prompted me to jump in even further by booking a flight to Southeast Asia. Whether I wanted to actually visit SE Asia didn’t even seem to matter at the time, I just felt that travelling to the other side of the world would require more investment and as a result, motivate me to work even harder. It actually worked and while I needed to watch every cent for the first few months, the late nights and frugal living was slowly starting to pay off. It was also around this time when I heard about a possible job opening to become an Adventure tour leader in Africa and guess what, one week later I was sat next to a tent in Lake Naivasha, Kenya on skype with the owner.

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What have I been doing in 2016?

Well, I have just finished leading those overland tours in Africa for the past six months and not due to return there until Feb/March of next year. It’s not all that cheap to travel in Africa without a bicycle and given how poor the internet is here, I decided on returning to SE Asia where I could continue scaling my online business. Thing is, although I have managed to create an online income while travelling the world and take on the role of an expedition leader in Africa, I have felt unsatisfied in recent weeks for a particular reason. Yes, my biggest regret over the past year is all down to my own personal content and the fact that I have been writing on behalf of many bloggers/websites but all at the expense of producing my own content on here.

More Goals, More content, Do more

You know, I wrote an article last year entitled No matter what you do in life, do more which has seemed even more relevant lately than it was back then because my workflow has allowed for the very typical excuse of “Time” as to why I am not more creative with my own website. Except one thing; saying that I don’t have enough time to produce more content is not really true, for providing you are willing to make sacrifices, there is always a way to do more. So that was it, I decided my goal for the rest of this year and the foreseeable future is to start creating more content and while I am still procrastinating over starting a VLOG to document what I do for a living, I am now committed to update Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and this solo travel blog on a more regular basis.

You can subscribe to my YouTube account here which will be the home of the VLOG/Videos.

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I'm an Outdoor Adventure Blogger from Dublin, Ireland. In late 2013 I began riding a bicycle across Africa and it was during this adventure when I discovered a passion for the great outdoors and the general uncertainty of life on the road. Next April, I am hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

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