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Wondering how to find local experiences or day tours in Tanzania?

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Tanzania is found in East Africa and a country well known for its wilderness regions. Such regions include the Serengeti national park plains, Kilimanjaro national park, the offshore islands of Zanzibar and the mafia marine park. However, for all of these obvious amazing places, it can often be difficult to find day tours in Tanzania local experiences off the beaten track and as an Adventure tour leader in Africa, I know too well how frustrating this can be.

For this reason you really need to check out which is most likely the fastest growing booking engine for day tours and excursions in Africa.

In Tanzania there are safaris that are designed to guide the tourists.  They ensure that you get the best experience in the country. Other resources are few and far between unfortunately, but here s a little more information to help you on your way.

Note the following:

  • Check the latest health requirements in order to travel to Tanzania
  • The vacation is not recommended to people with serious back problems. This is because some of the roads are very rough.
  • The suitcase you carry should be soft sided. This is because of the limited capacity on the safari vehicles. The luggage should not exceed 33lbs
  • Due to the migration of the wildlife, some minor changes may be expected in your daily itinerary

The vehicles carry a maximum of six people. This will ensure that everyone has a window seat. They also have a raise roof to ensure easy photography and viewing.

The wonderful attractions to visit and day tours in Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro Packages

It is located in the south of the equator. The region is used as a national park. Kilimanjaro has the highest peak in Africa. It has been visited by several people.

There are various facilities available; they include accommodation, professional guides, and security services. These enable more people to enjoy the beauty of the region. You can find details of a Kilimanjaro climbing packages on Day tourz in the near future.

Serengeti national park

This is the most popular and oldest national park. It is a world heritage site. It is popular because of the yearly migration of animals. More than six million animals join the wildebeest’s trek for pastures.

The number of cheetah, elephant, birds and lions is very impressive. Accommodation and other facilities are available.

The park is approximately5, 700 square miles. There are enough vehicles to carry the visitors around. The park stretches north to Kenya and it borders Lake Victoria on the western part.

The visitors can enjoy hot balloon safaris, picnicking, walking safari, and bush lunches and dinners. There are musical rocks and Maasai rock paintings are available. You can also visit the neighboring attractions like Ol Doinyo Lengai, Lake Natron’s flamingos, Ngorongoro Crator and many others.

Zanzibar Day tours

The natural scenery in this place is awesome. It is one of the most attractive places in Tanzania and a great place to take day tours whether they be to prison island, snorkeling or Jozani Forest. This is because of the incredible beaches. It is located in the Indian Ocean. This has made it a trading center naturally throughout history. In Zanzibar you can scuba dive, swim, and snorkel with dolphins.

Ngorongoro day tours

It has an abundance of wildlife particularly in the crater. Ngorongoro consists of hills around the crater and the animals are similar to those in Serengeti making the Ngorongoro day tour one of the most popular from Arusha.

Mafia island

The island has rich history. The Swahili culture is very strong. The beaches and some part of the island has been designated as a marine park. In Africa, it is the best place to dive, snorkel and deep-sea fish. The whale sharks congregate in this island annually.  So you can swim with them too!

These are some of the places and day tours you can find in Tanzania.

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