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Would you like to work with me?

If you wish to work with me, I mostly write about solo travel and lifestyle design. However, you will also notice there is a wide range in terms of what this can cover. Maybe you just want a mention in the Africa Backpacking or Destination? Just let me know. Also, I often include a short brief about travel related businesses at the end of these posts for a very affordable rate. You can see an example of these mentions at the bottom of this post for my own business.

Maybe you need content for your own website?

Please know that I am also a content writer in general and you can check out Deadly Content for more information on my writing business. I know how to set your website up to get more traction on the search engines such as Google.

**I am also open to ongoing sponsorship for my Travel & Lifestyle Blog.

  • Travel Articles:This is my main focus in which I write fully optimized blog posts/articles for your website which are both relevant and compelling. They can be about anything from destinations, listicles or general travel related topics.
  • Blog Management: For an affordable price, I will manage the content of your blog on a daily/weekly basis. This will leave you free to focus on other important areas of the business.
  • Social Media Management: Again, for an affordable price I can professionally manage your social media accounts and improve interaction with your followers.
  • Rewrite the pages of your website: For example, if you have a tour website I can rewrite the descriptions for each tour, destination descriptions etc.
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Thank you for working with me. I genuinely enjoy what I do and your business allows me to travel around the world for a living. This also results in a very modest cost of living and then, my own affordable services.