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I am an outdoor adventure blogger from Ireland, travelling the world and working online. Since 2013 I also have taken many outdoor journeys including a year long bicycle ride through Africa but in truth, I decided to focus on creating a business during this time which would then finance my future outdoor trips. That being said, now that my small digital marketing agency is making progress, I am readying myself to commence as a full-time outdoor blogger.

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in America

Next April I will start hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in aid of my own happiness. Starting at the border of Mexico, the PCT travels for 4,250 kilometres along the spine of the High Sierras and Cascade mountain ranges all the way to Canada. It will take 6 months to complete and I am excited to share this entire journey with my online following.

How can you be involved?

Let’s cut to the chase. I don’t need a sponsor, but I do want one. Simply put, if you are an outdoor shop or brand in Ireland – I want to work with you.

What can I do for you or your brand?

As one of the most prominent outdoor bloggers in Ireland, you will see that my online following is quite healthy and generates a lot of interest. If you perform a quick search, you will also find a tonne of articles about my adventures on large publications. Many newspapers including The Times, Daily Mail, Irish Independent, and Daily Star have written about me, while I have also featured on numerous radio programmes (Ray D’Arcy Show on Today FM) and the Today Show on RTE.

Okay enough of that, I just want to make a point that from a marketing perspective, sponsoring my adventures makes a whole lot of sense. My goal is to influence as many people as possible on my way to becoming the most prominent outdoor blogger and motivational speaker in Ireland.

What do I want or need?

Your support. Let’s have a chat and see where it goes. Yes, it would be great to have some assistance with equipment etc but I know this goes both ways.

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Thank you for working with me. I genuinely enjoy what I do and your business allows me to travel around the world for a living. This also results in a very modest cost of living and then, my own affordable services.