Why Goa is the unlikely reason I have yet to visit India

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When I think of everywhere that I have traveled during the past ten years, there are three destinations which remain firmly on my bucket list – Iceland, Bhutan, and one more. At the same time, two of these destinations are far out of the way, quite expensive and inconvenient to reach. However, the last of these three is none of the above and on the contrary; the country is central, affordable and easily accessible.

Taking time to Visit India

In fact, with the above in mind, it seems incredible that as many times as I have traveled between Europe or Africa and Southeast Asia with the potential of a stopover, I have yet to visit India. Although, as incredible as I say claim it to be, there is a particular reason as to why I have held off on visiting India until now. You see, India is a pretty big place and anytime I speak with someone who has spent some time in this part of the world, it is clear that a “stopover” is not enough. Furthermore, it would seem that even a couple of weeks is merely a taste.

That being said, I do look forward to visiting the Taj Mahal and dipping my toes in the River Ganges but at the same time, I also to relax on the beach, kick back in somewhere stunning like Nasri Resort Goa, and take time to unwind after an incredible adventure. I feel this is often a mistake which many travelers make when it comes to visiting India; they fail to realize how much time it requires to experience a country of such magnitude truly.

Why Goa is the reason I have yet to visit India

You see, I could stop over and make a quick run to the Taj Mahal or maybe spend one night on the River Ganges before rushing back to the airport. Similarly, I could spend a week in a particular province and not have time for Goa, or even the other way around; visit Goa and then regret not touring the main attractions.

Either way, I know that I would regret any of the above and wind up wanting to return for an extended period involving both the attractions and the beach resorts in Goa.

While Iceland and Bhutan are undoubtedly long-term goals, I can say that India is currently in my sights and a vibrant destination in which I soon hope to be lost. However, the option of taking a quick stopover seems pointless with so many landmarks, attractions, and countryside to experience. But most importantly, I also want to relax on the beach in Nasri Resort Goa afterward, and for this reason – I have yet to visit India.


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