How to Pick Your Overland Tour in Africa

How much time do you have for your trip?

The average length of an overland tour is 3 weeks, but it is possible to take an overland tour through Africa for more than 10 weeks. The most popular routes begin in Cape Town, Victoria Falls and Nairobi. This means you can take an overland tour in either direction (north or south)

What do you want to see and experience?

Wildlife and rolling landscapes are common throughout Africa. You can experience the desert in Namibia or go on safari in Botswana, but the most popular National Parks are in East Africa. If you want to include a bit of relaxations, you might want to consider a trip that will include the beaches of Zanzibar. I often recommend first-time visitors to take an overland tour which includes Masai Mara, Serengeti and Zanzibar.

Are you wanting more adventure or more comfort?

Southern Africa offers more luxury and comfort, but it comes at a cost. This part of Africa is also more modern and far less primitive than East Africa where the experience can feel more rugged and authentic. A good way to strike a balance is to travel with an overland tour operator that provides a higher standard of transport, accommodation and food. More on this in a moment.

Are you open to camping on occasion?

A real bed is always appreciated, though you may need to share a room. Taking a trip which involves camping is the best way to keep the costs down. I also think camping is perhaps the best way to properly appreciate the nature of Africa. On overland tours, you can sometimes upgrade to a room depending on availability and whether or not you are staying at a campsite which has rooms.

Are you okay with a budget experience or open to spending a bit more?

I worked for a budget overland tour operator for some years. There is definitely a difference in terms of standards and this goes for the standard of transport, equipment and often the competence level of staff. If you are willing to spend a bit more, I recommend choosing an overland company which goes the extra mile and provides newer vehicles, tents etc.

Which tour operator should you choose?

The overland companies I recommend on my website are based on first hand experience. You should also see this opinion reflected in other reviews online. As a rule, there are just a handful of companies which I would recommend you consider for an overland tour in Africa.

These are the only overland companies I suggest you consider for your overland tour in Africa:

The Overland Tour Operators You Should Consider

  • G Adventures
  • Intrepid
  • Acacia
  • Oasis Overland
  • Absolute Africa
  • Dragoman

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