Micro Guide on Where to Stay in Malawi

In terms of where to stay in Malawi, there are many great campsites and lake side lodges up and down the country, but it’s hard to know which one to choose because honestly, not every-one is as developed as the next. That said, here are what I believe to be some of the best places to stay in Malawi and I’ll keep it short.

Micro guide on where to stay in Malawi

Accommodation in Livingstonia

The mushroom farm is popular and has great views but Luckwe Eco Camp is the best place to stay in Livingstonia. The main feature here is that it sits on a ledge overlooking sweet vistas while it is obviously eco-friendly and has compost toilets and basic earthy accommodation. If you have a tent, bring it with you.

Campsite in Chitimba

There are two campsites beside each other here, Hakuna Matata and then Chitimba Camp. I have always loved Chitimba camp and the genuinely appreciate the relationship the owners have with the community. Nice accommodation, awesome facilities, fantastic food and views. You can also hike to Livingstonia from Chitimba.

Guesthouse in Nkhata Bay

Okay it is not a guesthouse but Nkhata Bay is the leading contender when it comes to your stay in Nkhata Bay. Sitting on the Cliffside, theses huts are just beautiful and awesome value. There are usually a lot of backpackers here and the place has a cool atmosphere with great food.

Place to stay in Chinteche

Chinteche Inn is popular but Kande Beach steals away. Amazing horse riding in Kande Beach on offer plus a superb stretch of beach, a lively bar and good scuba diving outfit on site.

Hostel in Lilongwe

Sanctuary Lodge for Luxury and barefoot camp for tenting but my choice is the backpackers in Lilongwe, Mabuya Camp. They could do with renovating the place somewhat if I am honest but it’s good for meeting people and the staff are helpful. All in all, it’s the only real hostel in Lilonge so there’s not many other budget alternatives.

Have you any suggestions on the best places to stay in Malawi?

Derek Cullen
Derek Cullen
Derek Cullen is an experienced overland tour leader in Africa. He is best known for cycling across Africa and writing about travel in Africa for many online media publications. If you would like advice or information for your trip to Africa, you can speak with him directly through the LiveChat box!

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