Private Safari through Kenya and Tanzania with a touch of luxury

For most people, going on private safari is one of those once in a lifetime bucket list trips. Figuring out where to go and what to see shouldn’t be dictated by a cookie-cutter itinerary with an obligation to share the experience with a bunch of strangers. I find it hard to believe that everyone’s expectations are identical and you never know whom you might get in your group! To avoid disappointment, I didn’t see a better option than to splurge on a private safari.

Lion on private safari in Africa

Accommodation on a Private Safari in Africa

Being able to pick and choose where I stayed and for how long was important to me. While we didn’t stay at the most luxurious lodges every night we did splurge on one, a treetop room, which was amazing. If you do have a specific spot on your wish list like this make sure to book early. In our case there were limited accommodations and these were booked-up months in advance. Planning paid off, this was a really nice way to end the private safari part of my trip.

Having a local driver/guide was also a priority for me. They are experts at spotting wildlife from great distances and they know how to navigate the rough terrain. We got caught in some heavy rains and the road turned into a muddy river in what seemed like minutes. We were very happy to have an experienced driver that day!

Everyone’s goals may vary. At the top of my wish list where big cats: lions, leopards and cheetahs. I had dreamt of encountering them in the wild for a long time and I’ll always cherish the moment I saw my first lion in the Savannah. It was magical! I was hoping to see the Big Five as well as the Great Migration and was rewarded with so much more. I got to see it all!


Unique Experiences

Some of my favorite moments occurred when we were off the beaten path. Instead of being in one of the 20 or so jeeps gathered around a single Cheetah, we were able to drive further into the Serengeti and away from the crowded areas. We were rewarded with finding a pride of lions resting under a tree with a recently killed zebra as a feast. We saw hyenas waiting and watching from a safe distance for a chance to hone in on the action and steal the leftovers. We must have sat there for an hour quietly admiring the scene. Had we been on a group tour, instead of a private safari, we would have missed this special moment. There were many more like this and we’ve never regretted our choice…

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Africa has so much more to offer than safaris! Some of my most memorable experiences include seeing the Great Pyramids in Egypt, sailing along the Nile and watching the sunrise over the Sahara in Morocco. These have been unforgettable awe-inspiring moments that I’ve had the privilege and good fortune to enjoy.

Africa’s wildlife, spectacular scenery as well as all the interesting people we had the pleasure of meeting have only fueled my desire to return to Africa.

Nathalie, an avid travel enthusiast from FreedomTourTravel writes about her own experience having visited Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar as well as Egypt and Morocco. Nathalie has visited over 50 countries and there is a lot of great information and tips on her site including packing, and traveling tips. She has also posted many beautiful photos from her numerous travels.

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